i-Keeper 6.1

iKeeper keeps track of your internet passwords and product information
6.1.88 (See all)

iKeeper keeps track of your internet passwords and product information.

Main features:

- Internet Info:
Keep track of site links, user names, passwords, expiration dates, and more!
- Product Info:
Keep track of purchase dates, warranties, serial codes, contact info and more!
- Status indicators:
Tell which passwords or warranties have expired, are about to expire, or are active.
- Quick searching:
Find any text in internet or product data as you type. You can even save your search.
- Sidebar:
iKeeper can display a sidebar for quick access to your saved searches.
- Import:
Quickly import internet and product data from your old iKeeper 2 files.
- Preferences:
Edit labels and set a caution period to warn you of pending expirations before they happen.
- Built on Framework 2.0.5:
Many of the great features in my application framework can be found in this product.

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